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Act Now

We are all responsible for our children and youths’ well-being. The call is to:

  • Protect them

  • Love them

  • Defend them

  • Believe them

  • Teach them


Preventing sexual abuse is a matter that we can embrace and work together. For this, we want to bring together sectors that can design prevention strategies at different levels such as, family, community, and national. The outcome of this effort will be safe communities for boys, girls, and youths.

For this reason, we call upon different sectors in our communities to act now, to establish partnerships, to promote wellbeing and happiness environments for childhood.  Accomplishing plans on this direction, will reduce sexual aggressions potentials.

Regardless of your role in your community, we call on you to act now.


Examples on how to act now are:

  • Advertising campaigns highlighting the importance of parents teaching this topic to their children, with messages such as:

    • Because I love you so much, I will teach you how to be protected.

    • I will always defend and believe you.

  • Initiatives towards setting up more light poles in the community dark areas or those that might represent a risk to the families.

  • Community volunteers’ groups for dissemination of prevention strategies, and minors sexual abuse identification and proceeding.


  • Prevention and detection of sexual abuse modules to be included in schools’ curricula.   


  • Internet blogs to guide the public.

Share with us your “act now” project. We want to support you with minors’ sexual abuse prevention knowledge that might be needed to enable your project.

To “act now”, complete the following form:

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