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Author: Dr. Valery Ortiz Roque/Clinical Psychologist 

The author, Dr. Valery Ortiz-Roque has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Carlos Albizu University, San Juan Campus in Puerto Rico. The behavior professional is devoted to the development of children sexual abuse prevention strategies and disseminating said information throughout different settings and innovative techniques. She has worked as a trainer in public and private institutions and academic settings, among other entities. She is also a consultant to other behavior professionals on prevention and trauma management. On September 2011, doctor Ortiz-Roque was recognized by Primera Hora, a Puerto Rican newspaper as a hero in their “My Town Heroes Program”. Their published article was entitled, “Valery is decided to eradicate children sexual abuse”. Her children sexual abuse prevention efforts have taken her to produce this and other educational resources. You may contact the author at

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Workbook: “Protect Me. Defend Me. Believe Me. To Grow Up Safely, I Need You!”

This workbook is directed to children from five years of age and their fathers, mothers and other caregivers. It is possible that, as parents, the following questions will have been asked. How do we teach them that there are adults and other minors who might want to hurt them? How do we teach them that sexual abuse is real without compromising their innocence? That’s what this workbook is about. In a simple manner, we present to you how to approach this topic, through fun activities that your child can complete with your support. There is no better way than from you for your child to obtain this knowledge which not only prevents risks but will strengthen your child’s confidence in you!

Do you have a family safety plan? If not, this workbook will support you in creating it. Do you have a family code to be followed during an at risk or danger situation? We propose an exercise to create one. These and other fun activities are included in this workbook. As you work on this workbook, we want to support you in creating a family environment where unconditional love, dialogue, and trust prevail. We also want to foster that children can disclose what happens to them and find guidance and support during difficult times.

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