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To Grow Up Safely, I Need You!

We are dedicated to promoting the protection of children and youths. As they grow, they make their parents and caregivers’ hearts glow out of happiness. At the same time, children and youths are exposed to many hazards among them, a sexual aggression. We want to support you in keeping away the possibilities of a sexual aggression to the boys, girls, and youths you love so much.

About Us


We provide trainings, workshops, and consulting services. Teachers, parents, youths, professionals, and public and private organizations can benefit from them. Our main proposal is minors’ sexual abuse prevention. We must expose this important topic to reduce children’s aggressions by sex offenders. To reduce sexual aggressions, we need to expose such an important matter. It is highly important and can be accomplished through education to different groups.

Online Store

We create highly professional educational resources clearly and adequately written for boys and girls. A workbook is available for fathers, mothers, and caregivers with children from five years of age, to be completed by your children, with your support. You will be able to guide your children on how a possible sexual aggression will be managed within the family. Other resources will be available, soon. Join our email listing to be the first to know.

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Our boys, girls, and youths’ wellbeing are everybody’s business.

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